2009 Bowman Sterling Black Refractor Mike Trout ROOKIE RC AUTO /25 #MT BGS 10

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2009 Bowman Sterling Black Refractor Mike Trout ROOKIE RC AUTO 25 MT BGS 10
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16 Nov 2020
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Portland, Oregon

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2020 Premier Auction #11: 0 Lots

Currently Accepting Consignments to:
2020 Premier Auction #12
Consignment Deadline November 30th
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2009 Bowman Sterling Black Refractor Mike Trout ROOKIE RC AUTO /25 #MT BGS 10

Among The Finest Investment Pieces In The Market

There have been few players throughout the history of sports who have captivated the public as much as Mike Trout. Names like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth, Tom Brady and even Derek Jeter could be mentioned, however Trout is simply in a category of his own. Mike Trout has transcended baseball on and off the field. When on the field, Trout's athleticism takes full stage and is widely regarded as one of the most outstanding and electrifying young players in the history of baseball. While off the field, Trout has become a household name and holds one of the best brands in all of sports. From endorsing sports drinks to ushering one of the best Nike baseball shoe brands in history. Trout has certainly impacted American culture in a way that is seemingly incomparable and irreplaceable; and he’s only 28 years old. What we have here is what we believe to be a museum worthy rookie piece, the ‘09 Bowman Sterling Black Refractor Autograph in an elite Beckett 10/10 holder. One of only three confirmed BGS 10 examples in the world, this card is virtually impossible to locate and sits as the single finest copy to hit the open market since the 2012. In hand, the overall aesthetics of this card take full stage. Boasting pack fresh eye appeal and featuring a young prospect in Trout against an ornate foil American League background graphic. Perfectly centered with untouched corners and dark black borders. In addition, the surfaces are impeccable with zero visual scuffs, indents or other imperfections. Perhaps what's most impressive about this card is the fact that all four edges are pristine and void of wear; an ultra-rare quality for the issue. Finally, the card boasts a gorgeous on card autograph which has been beautifully penned in blue ink. Since entering the MLB, Trout has dominated in every facet of the game and continues to put up near Triple Crown numbers each season. With one of the brightest brands in sports, along with an arsenal of unparalleled skills, the sky's the limit for the future ROI on this world-class asset. A heroic offering of a living day immortal, worthy of serious consideration from the most serious trading card investment class. Comes with PWCC's highest recommendation. Please see the video highlight for more details. One of over 20,000 cards, lots and sets up for bid in our 11th Auction of 2020. Click on the link above to view the other PWCC auction lots.

This item is described through this description as well as through the high-resolution image which can be accessed by clicking the link below. Anything visible in the high-resolution image is considered part of the description of the item.

2009 Bowman Sterling Black Refractor Mik... - YouTube

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